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Rizal Covered Areas Only (Metro Manila to Rizal and Rizal to Metro Manila)

Unli Yellow 6" x 12"

Unli Blue 9" x 14"

White 12" x 18"
₱50 (Up to 3kg)
(+₱20 in excess of 3kg)

Own Packaging
₱85 (Up to 3kg)
(+₱20 per additional Kg)

  • Rizal Covered Areas: Taytay, Cainta, Angono, Antipolo, San Mateo 1&2, Ampid
  • Angono Not Covered Areas: Sunflower Subd., Thunderbird Resort
  • Antipolo Not Covered Areas: San Luis, San Jose, Rigles, Bosoboso, Prayer Mountain, Solid Cement, Villa Consolacion, Inarawan PH2, 3 & 4,
  1. Rates are VAT inclusive.
  2. For own packaging: actual weight vs. volumentric weight would be chargable weight, whichever is higher. To get volumetric weight, use this formula: (length x width x height in cm / 3500).
  3. FREE insurance of up to ₱2,000 of the declared value. For Fastrack covered areas only.
  4. Additional 1% in excess of the free insurance.
  5. Maximum liability is up to ₱10,000 only.
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